TV documentary and live event coverage - WLC Hainan Island China 2014.
Combined with the ASP World Longboard surfing championship, this event and doco was funded by Wanning City and Hainan Island Tourism China – this TV program was a key driver of thousands of tourists and surfers visiting Riyue Bay region in Wanning city on Hainan Island China.

Date: December 2014

Producer & Writer: George Opadchy

Field Producer and Director: Mick Wilcomes

Curtis Redden & Blake Copland

Map graphics:
Curtis Redden

Camera Crew:
Blake Copland, Bali Strickland, Mick Wilcomes, Tyson Law, Justin Gane
Voice: -

Despite the hustle and bustle, for any visitor, China still holds an unquestionable sense of the exotic. The sites, the smells, the food and the people – all combine to make the overseas traveller feel totally alive. You can’t get lazy like you might in a country where everyone else speaks your language… and in China, there are over 250 languages to negotiate.

Somehow – while the rest of China speeds towards its next sky scraper – Riyue Bay on Hainan Island has managed to remain a little pocket of paradise... and is a favourite destination for local holidaying Chinese. This is China’s Hawaii.

Hainan is the large teardrop island that dominates the South China Sea. It’s so far south it’s well and truly in the tropics with warm weather and water, pretty much all year round. Surf exploration in this region is in its infancy – but any doubts about China as a surf location quickly evaporate when surfers see footage like this.

In December 2014 – the ASP world tour brought the most stylish and beautiful version of surfing – long-boarding - back to China for a 4th consecutive year. The event is the Go Pro World Longboard Championships at Riyue Bay in Wanning City. One event to decide
both the men’s and women’s longboard world champion for 2014.