The last Aborigines to walk to Australia, crossed the Torres Strait land-bridge 6000 years ago.
No one has made that crossing since. One man is about to do it in one and a half canoes.

Zeb Walsh
Cormac Evans
Eddy Ward
Beau Greaves

Field Producer: Mick Wilcomes
Director of Photography: Blake Copland
Editor: Blake Copland
Writer: George Opadchy
Camera crew: Blake Copland, Ben Raymond, Mick Wilcomes, Curtis Redden
Sound Recordist: Ash Den

52 minute feature documentary and 24 minute series episode for Redbull Media House Explorers.

Zeb Walsh is a world champion paddle-boarder who lives for adventure-paddle. He has already distinguished himself from the rest of the worlds’ elite paddlers by leading the only team to ever cross Bass Strait – one of the planet’s most dangerous stretches of water. Having already paddled across Bass Strait with his bare hands – he will now complete the seemingly impossible; and cross the second sunken land bridge of Torres Strait. But its over 230km of paddling, camping & hunting – he can’t do it alone.

To attempt this paddle on a piece of fiberglass would not do this voyage justice. Our team will carve their own vessel from an appropriate tree in Papua New Guinea. Carve their own oars – and paddle their own canoe.
This is a once 200 generation adventure.