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Long & short-form video production. Content for TV, mobile, digital, social, and web. Engaging video, digital production, live streaming & digital media strategy services; Australia-wide, globally, and in our video studio in Manly on Sydney's Northern Beaches Australia. 

For services, studio bookings & enquiries:
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For over 20 years The Construction Site has been helping clients all over the world with a multitude of projects, objectives and productions.

We have extensive experience in each phase of the production process; from defining the strategy and identifying the message, to scripting and casting, through to post-production, mastering, and distribution. We can help you broadcast to apps, mobile devices and online. We have helped our clients DEFINE their brand, DEVELOP great content, COMMUNICATE their message to become household names.

No matter what industry, retail, tourism, sports, government departments, websites, social media apps, media organizations or events, TCS has the knowledge and experience to help you reach your target audience. Every client has different needs. TCS takes a hands-on approach to understand your unique project and deliver your message.

Live event webcast / live streaming studio

Full-service webcasting and live streaming services – either from our purpose-built studio or any Sydney Metro location.

We offer multi-camera video coverage and live streaming of events, product launches, symposiums,
seminars, and video for online webinars.

Documentaries; long and short form stories.

We help grow audience engagement through engaging broadcast documentaries, long and short form video, and produced over eighty television programs + feature docos distributed globally broadcast in over 100 territories, translated into over 18 languages & beamed into hundreds of millions of homes. Cinematography / editing. Scripting writing, casting, shooting, directing, post production, mastering and distribution.

Video / digital content

20+ years producing commercial advertising, instructional e-learning content, and interactive media to all platforms — particularly TV, web, mobile devices and social media. Cinematography / video and still photography.

Motion graphics / digital story telling

Digital story telling through interactive web content, animation, motion-graphics, screen design, presentation graphics and layered video compositing.

The world is no longer a marketplace, but a community – what message are you delivering to that community?

TCS focuses on story telling – as well as the beautiful pictures. For us, storytelling is not a ‘nice to have’ – it’s a ‘can’t live without.’ We aim to create visual experiences that shape perception. We create engaging broadcast content, long & short-form documentaries, and web content. We bring the story to life, better than you expected.


Content builds your brand; excellent content makes your brand trend!

What we’ll do for you:

Great video/production services. From broadcast TV to mobile. We develop engaging content around a clear media strategy with multi-platform integration & distribution. TCS has produced over 80 globally distributed broadcast titles and thousands of hours of streamed content. TCS understands which mediums work best to deliver that content for maximum impact and reach. TCS will produce and distribute your media, so you can communicate with your audience and build your brand.

Video and Digital Production, Photography, Copywriting, Social Media Content, Studio Hire, Equipment Hire and Digital Media Content Solutions.

How we HELP you:

1. Understand your business
2. Clarify the message you want to deliver
3. Pinpoint your audience and mediums they use
4. Synchronise your message across all mediums
5. Develop distribution partnerships
6. Produce a beautiful vision with a compelling story
7. Distribute content effectively

“To help bring your creative content to life.”

These basic steps help TCS deliver your message clearly to the target market.

Some of the iconic brands and networks
that have chosen to work with us