We were the content provider for the iconic surf-brand Quiksilver from 2000-2007 before the financial meltdown of 2008 and created a 36-part TV series, streamed 1000hrs of live event webcasts in exotic locations and made award winning films including 30-second viral webclips. Global distribution of that content via as many mediums as possible is the key to TCS’s success.

Kelly Slater – Letting Go

Reality TV meets Documentary to tell the story of Kelly Slaters 2005 return to professional surfing’s winners circle.

Critically acclaimed with numerous awards and nominations:

People’s choice award winner: Solstice film festival
Movie of the Year nominee: X-Dance movie festival (Sundance)
Surfer Poll movie of the Year nominee.
Sold to networks globally and aired to over 60 million homes.

Product ad’s for Quiksilver Cell Wetsuits 2004-2007

Following on from the success of the 2004 & 2005 video, the 2007 video re-enforced the message of innovation.
2007 Australasian Video Awards. Silver.

These promotional videos were created for delivery via DVD, web and in-store.


The Quiksilver Young Guns I, II, III.

Kelly Slater & the Young Guns III.

The final instalment in the Young Guns series. Specifically designed to expose Quiksilver’s up-and-coming team of surfer’s to the spot-light regularly shining on ten-time World Champion, Kelly Slater.

Almost certainly the most significant series of core-market DVD’s ever produced by the surf industry; responsible for exposing a new generation of surfers to a new generation of customers.

Surfer Poll Movie of the Year Award 2007.