TV Documentary and Live Event Coverage – Sri Lankan Airlines Pro 2009.

Funded by Sri Lankan Airlines and Sri Lanka Tourism – this TV program was a key driver of thousands of tourists visiting Maldives and Sri Lanka. TCS created as a series of three TV programs over three years, the programs were largely responsible for putting Sri Lanka and The Maldives back on the tourist map.

Held at one of the most beautiful locations in the world, this was the one WQS event that stood out from the rest and always attracted the cream of the hopeful qualifiers from around the world. Held at the famous Pasta Point in the Maldives, this event was among the elite 6 star qualifying events with serious tour points and prize money.
This was a classic event, with crazy surfing and fierce competition.

Date: October 2009
Producer & Writer: George Opadchy
Editor: Blake Copland
Graphics: Curtis Redden
Camera Crew:
Blake Copland
Curtis Redden
Mic Simpson
Kaleb Redden
Tom D Atkins
Voice: Vaughn Blakey