52 minute feature documentary episode for Red Bull Media House ‘explorers adventures of the century’.

No one was born to cave dive. Except maybe Liz Rogers. Virtually born and raised underground by her trail-blazing parents during Australia’s most productive cave-exploration years, Liz was never going to follow someone else’s bubble trail. For a cave-diver, finding an unexplored cave is like a climber finding an undiscovered mountain. It’s a chance to write your name in the history books. As Australia’s most awarded cave-dive photographer, Liz has found her own virgin caves to explore – in West Timor, Indonesia. Cave diving is dangerous, especially exploring unknown territory.

Producer / Writer: George Opadchy

Field director: Mic Simpson

Director of photography / Lead Camera: Curtis Redden

Second Camera: Blake Copland

Dive camera: Simon Christidis

Editor / Post Production: Curtis Redden

Full feature 52 minute doco can be seen on red bull tv in April 2017.