Quiksilver’s The Boarding Pass TV series was one of the most successful and widely distributed action sports programs ever made. Boarding Pass consisted of 36 half-hours of television produced over six years.

Boarding Pass was produced by The Construction Site (TCS) during a time of privileges and freedoms which may never be repeated. That is – before the global financial meltdown of 2008.

Translated into 18 languages and distributed globally to over 100 countries. A completely sponsor-funded program which exposed Quiksilver and Roxy to a world-wide audience not accessible via traditional advertising. Produced as editorial for a broadcast market – the content was re-used countless times in delivery across web, DVD, mobile & in-store.

Boarding Pass brought Roxy’s and Quiksilver’s brands, athletes, events, images and lifestyle into the lounge rooms of over 350million homes around the world – making them the world’s two most recognisable action-sports brands.

36 Episodes were produced between 2000 and 2006. Boarding Pass followed the biggest, best and most-fun events on the surf/snow/skate calendar every year and turned it into a TV show… and we had a blast doing it. Boarding Pass was distributed globally by TCS to over 90 countries, was translated into 18 languages and was viewed by millions of people. Hope you enjoy.

On this episode:
1. Danny Way jumps the great Wall of China on a skateboard.
2. Kelly Slater wins his seventh world title.
3. Big mountain snowboarding in Alaska.

On this episode:
1. Ry Craike surfs his home reefs in Wwestern Australia.
2. Candide Thoveaux, Martin Chernik, Tommy Brunner & Matthieu Crepel ride Alaksa.
3. Skateboard rode trip through USA.