24 minute and 52 minute documentary for Redbull Media Explorers.

Three amazing athletes who don’t know how to quit. One treacherous body of water with no mercy. A date with the strait. Australia’s ultimate contest between man and the ocean.

One of the roughest and most treacherous stretches of water on earth and three men defying the elements with just their bare hands. World Champion paddle boarders Zeb Walsh, Jack Bark and Brad Gaul attempt to cross the brutal Bass Strait. Over 300km on nothing but foam and fibreglass. Eight days of struggle, injuries and despair. They’ve got a date with destiny – A DATE WITH THE STRAIT.

Date: Date 2014
Producer: George Opadchy
Field Director: Mic Simpson
Post Production & Editor: Curtis Redden
Cinematographers: Blake Copland, Mic Simpson, Curtis Redden
Executive Producer: Wolfgang Merkel (redbull media house)